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The Action Body Program is not your normal weight loss program. The reason is most weight loss programs only focus on Diet. With the Action Body Program we focus on creating a Modern Lifestyle, by losing the fat and gaining muscle.

Let us help you become the you that you have always dreamed of.
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Our primary Goal is to help and support you with those hard to lose pounds you have struggled with. Our Team is here to ensure you meet all your fitness goals to be the best you can be.

Supreme Grand Master Y.K.Kim


Grandmaster Dr. Kirk Pelt


Grandmaster Dr. Michael Bugg


Too many people are suffering because of two major crises in America:

Overweight Crisis and Shortage of Muscle Crisis.


   Overweight Crisis: Over 74 % of American including 30 million children are suffering because of being overweight. Overweight is OK. The problem is 97 % of modern sickness including deadly diseases is from being overweight: Diabetes, High Blood pressure, brain tumor, cancer, on and on. That’s why many people get tired, are sick all the time and are dying.


   Shortage of Muscle Crisis: Over 160 million people have painful lives because of lower back, knee, shoulder, or arthritis pain. Thats why too many people have depression, live with constant pain, and some can’t even walk.

Enough Talk,
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Make the change today and let us support your health and fitness goals.

Lose Weight Naturally and keep it off Permanently.

We have a safe and natural answer to the world’s overweight epidemic.

Make the Decision to change your life, and we’ll make sure you succeed.