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Who Is Y.K.Kim?

The Action Body Lifestyle is the vision of Y.K.Kim to fulfill his dream of a happier, healthier America. He has been refining his weight loss program which started in the 1980’s at Martial Arts World. After 35 years of work and improvement, he is proudly introducing the Action Body Lifestyle.

Y.K. Kim is a modern philosopher, and the chairman and founder of Martial Arts World: The home of life champions.
There is no one quite like Y.K. Kim. People call him crazy, a big liar, a con artist, and a genius. He is proud that people call him these things because he works like crazy to transform our society one life at a time. He wants to revolutionize YOUR life and change the world with The Action Body Lifestyle.

A native of Seoul, Korea, Y.K. Kim serves as a living testament that the American dream is alive and kicking. He left his homeland in 1976 to come to the U.S., with only his black belt and a heart full of hope. Homeless and without a green card, but imbued with a pioneer spirit, he worked hard, shedding blood, sweat, and tears to overcome cultural shock, financial difficulties, and a language barrier in order to achieve the American dream.

Super Healthy News!

   The Action Body Lifestyle will help you gain more muscles, flexibility, stamina, and naturally knock out extra fat and get in shape permanently. You will have a new body, and a new life.


   My recommendation is starting the Action Body Lifestyle today. It is easy to learn, fun to practice and you will get maximum benefits. Certainly, you will love an “Action Body Lifestyle” because your dreams become reality.