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Exclusive Life Changing Event.

Celebration of Action Body Book Publication

Action Body Seminar by Supreme Grandmaster Y.K.Kim

When:       Nov. 11, 2023, Saturday 9:00 A.M.

Where:      Destination Church
5258 S Oaklawn Blvd., Hopewell, VA 23860

Who:         MAW Members, Family, Friends

Fee:           $39.00 (all profit goes to MAW Foundation a non-profit organization.)


Supreme Grandmaster Y.K. Kim will present!

1. How to Build the Action Body You always Dreamed Of Lose weight & get in Shape Permanently.

2. How to Build a Healthy Body to be Healthier, Stronger, & Create a Better Future!

3. How to Build a Dream Body to Boost your performance & Enhance the Quality of Life.

Special Gift Million Dollars worth,

Supreme Grandmaster Y.K. Kim will Present

The New Action Body Book to all MAW Students at the Seminar.

Space is Limited, Reserve your Ticket Now with MAW Staff!